How to Hire Employees That Last

They say… Finding a qualified candidate is like fishing in a “shallow” pool. Since it is a competitive, candidate-driven marketplace, the consensus is fewer applicants demanding better employment benefits. No longer are the days when candidates were everywhere and employers could pick and choose the best people.

I say…. You may need to kiss a lot of frogs in the process, but it is possible to find someone that shares your values, work ethic, skills and experience. After 30 years having my own business, and many years of picking the wrong one, I definitely could write a book on “What Not To Do When Hiring”. By following these steps, you also can find your prince or princess!

1. Visualize the perfect hire. Imagine you don’t have to settle and clearly visualize what the perfect employee looks like including values, skills, experience and demeanor.

2. Write your job description. Distinguish yourself from other job postings by being authentic. Let your personality shine through and you will attract like-minded individuals. Let them know what the job is and emphasize why they would want to be a part of your business.

3. Use assessments and/or forms. Have applicants complete an assessment (Indeed includes many fantastic candidate assessment questionnaires) to weed out the unqualified. You can also create a form with 2 to 3 open ended questions specific to the job description. This is crucial for doing away with the unqualified, uninterested and lazy candidates.

4. Post your position. Post on your website, social media, professional associations, trade groups and good old fashioned networking. There are many recruitment sites in which to advertise the position for nominal fees. We have used INDEED and have had several extremely successful experiences.

5. Filter, Filter, Filter! REVIEW the application first by looking at spelling, grammar, experience, location, and length of time at each position. If they job hop, they aren’t going to stop with you.

SORT your applications into 3 groups :

• People you are SURE you want to speak with further
• Applicants that you require additional information from
• Definite No’s

Don’t get discouraged by the volume and seeming lack of qualified candidates. The normal ratio is 10 to 15 resumes out of 100 will be individuals you would like to speak with further.

6. Set up 5 to 10 minute phone interviews. These screening calls benefit both sides. This avoids wasting time if there is no match. Think of OPEN ENDED questions to ask including the following:

• What attracted you to our posting?
• Tell me about your current employment situation and what you are looking for going forward
• Confirm location, salary range and benefits are commensurate with what they require. 
• Ask at least one situational question “Tell me about a time when…”

Any red flag that arises should be an internal alarm telling you to end the call and move on. Alternatively, if they sound promising, don’t wait too long to schedule an interview. Many times, we have waited a few days prior to reaching out and the “perfect” potential employee had already accepted another position.

7. Schedule the onsite interview. Once you have narrowed down the applicant, call IMMEDIATELY to schedule time to meet in-person. Time is crucial… the valuable candidate will be recruited quickly. 
The in-person interview should include in-depth questions specific to your industry and open position. Record as many notes as possible during the interview. Relying on your memory when we have spoken with so many applicants is impossible. Consider the following: Do you “click” with them? Do they have a sense of humor? Do they make eye contact and present themselves well?

8. Check References. If they made the cut, it is crucial to connect with their professional references. DO NOT skip this step and DO NOT collect $200!! Once you have spoken with past employers and co-workers you may see additional assets that will assist in narrowing down the applicants.

9. Second Interviews? I think it imperative to bring the applicant to your place of work and introduce them to potential co-workers. Many times existing employees can see things we may have overlooked. Since many work environments are teams working together, you also want to see if they fit in with the existing staff – even if there are only a few employees.

10. Pull the Trigger Quickly: Once you have decided – Do Not Hesitate. Call them within days not weeks to extend the offer. Acceptance rates drop significantly with hesitation. I recommend drafting an acceptance letter outlining pay, reviews, observed holidays, benefits, sick days etc. This definitely avoids confusion later.

The most important work doesn’t end with the hire. Now that you have a great team, make sure to value, support and train them effectively.

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