Technology is Important but Will Not Replace Human Interaction

Dependence on technology has increased and allowed us, as business owners, grow and sustain our companies. However, it has affected interpersonal relationships creating a disconnect. While both technology and human interaction are important roles, person-to-person communications are still key – especially in this modern age of technology. The only way to build trust and strengthen connections is to figure out ways to relate with each other. Below are a few ideas to help you sustain that personal relationship with your customers.

  • Ask and be aware of how your customers prefer to communicate. If they always call and never email, contact them by phone.
  • Although posting on social media and other digital marketing is strategic, it is equally important to like and comment on customers’ posts and pages. Engage with your audience as much as you can.
  • Call your customers and vendors! Technology is wonderful and efficient; however, there is no replacement for an actual conversation. You would be surprised how much is missed when communicating through email. Customer retention grows when you see and/or speak to them.
  • Send handwritten notes or postcards to key contacts. Physical, personal mail is a rare occurrence; therefore it is always remembered.