Perfectionism in Leadership

As a business owner, we all strive for excellence and success but is it “all or nothing”? 

Inspiration and passion should be considered our motivation – our driving forces.  We need to visualize solutions to help our team advance forward - not judgment. There is no room for judgment; it prohibits forward-thinking.

There is a lot of pressure to be perfect.  Perfectionism is a trap and weighs down many people by creating stress and chaos even though we may look at it as “noble”.  When we set an expectation of perfection and measure against it, we will always be disappointed. 

Personalizing failure is not the answer when things don’t go as intended.   We have the tendency to measure our lives in terms of success and achievement.  In truth, the notions of perfect or imperfect are ideas of our minds.  How boring would it be to actually reach the impossible “state of perfection”?  It is unachievable, unimaginable and undesirable.

We were never meant to be perfect.  Consider the expression, I’m not perfect; only human”.   Even a machine or electronic device operates perfectly for only a while.  Over time it will begin to wear down and require repair.  

Instead let’s work on being “AUTHENTIC”.