America Is Reopening

The last few months have been a rollercoaster. Across the US, people have been dealing with lockdowns in various stages. Luckily for all of us, America is starting to reopen. Even New York City, which faced one of the harshest COVID-19 flare-ups, is getting back to normal. Restaurants there will be able to host some indoor diners at the end of this month.[1]


Of course, as businesses pick up, they’re returning to a changed marketplace. There’s no vaccine for COVID-19 yet, which means no one can truly go back to the old way of doing things. But entrepreneurs are adapting. Some gyms are developing “pods” where people can work out while fully distanced from other patrons.[2] Schools, where they’re reopening, are using precautions like clear plastic dividers or privacy screens at desks.[3] Yoga domes have become popular in some places. [4] They provide social distancing and can also be heated for an individual hot yoga experience.[4]


All of these measures are designed to let life resume, with the awareness that we’ve got to adjust. We’re in a new normal now. For some businesses, this can all look a little intimidating. Some entrepreneurs might think these are great ideas that seem like they could get awfully expensive awfully quickly. They may not know about financing solutions like the ones we offer at Alliance Leasing.


With equipment leasing, businesses are able to get financing for the tools they need to do the job. We can finance all kinds of equipment, from signage to vehicles to sporting goods. We can even provide working capital to businesses who need cash to enhance their communications and let the public know what changes they’re making.[5] 


Unlike banks, our approval process is quick and easy. We also offer flexible repayment terms. Seasonal businesses can opt for an irregular payment schedule during their slowest season. [5] Of course, the biggest benefit of equipment financing is the tax write-off. Under Section 179 of the IRS tax code, financed equipment can be completely written off, up to $1 million. The only restriction is that the equipment must be used during the tax year.[6] 


Whatever adaptations you need to make, whatever industry you may be in, chances are that Alliance Leasing can help. Give us a call today. We take pride in helping entrepreneurs reach their goals.