Stay Flexible With Equipment Financing

The idea of investing in your small business during the pandemic can be intimidating. However, investment can be one of the keys to succeeding during a difficult economic moment. Adding new equipment can be a wonderful way to adapt to a quickly-changing marketplace, especially where social distancing rules and restrictions can change at any time.[2]


Small and medium-sized businesses have had more than their fair share of challenges during the pandemic.[3] The most successful small businesses have relied on word of mouth to make sales during a difficult time.[1] The best marketing strategies have included using social media to directly reach consumers.[1] A personal touch is becoming key.[1]


Other shifts have required not just a change in strategy, but in making and delivering the goods. One industry where this can be seen is in pet care and services.[5] A lot of grooming and bathing services have abandoned the idea of storefronts and purchased vehicles in order to offer mobile services.[5] That’s exactly the kind of adaptation where we can be of service.


At Alliance Leasing, we finance all kinds of business equipment.[4] That includes everything from embroidery machines and shirt presses to software and signage. There are other advantages to our kind of financing, too. We offer flexible payment plans for businesses that are seasonal in nature.[4] 


That means three months of irregular payments, to best fit the business’s schedule.[4] This is a wonderful option for entrepreneurs who expect to see most of their sales around the holidays. Equipment financing is also 100% deductible, up to $1 million, under section 179 of the IRS tax code.[6] The only requirement for this deduction is that the equipment is put into service during the same year.[6]


If you need something to help put your small business over the top for 2020, we can help. You might be surprised at the extensive list of items we finance.[4] In these trying times, it’s important to go after any available competitive advantage. Reach out to us today. We can get you to get where you need to be.