Fitness Is Bouncing Back

Most small businesses have had to adapt during the COVID-19 pandemic. For some entrepreneurs, that meant a simple pivot. For example, some businesses went mobile rather than relying on storefronts. Some dog groomers took to the streets in vans or trucks to provide trims for their clients. Many restaurants shifted to a takeout model, and some became food trucks. For fitness centers, the challenges have been a bit different.


In some states, gyms and other fitness centers remain closed in 2021. Massachusetts is just one example.[1]  In others, like Washington State, they’re open with restrictions.[2] Gyms and facilities like yoga studios have had to make changes to weather this storm. Some classes have moved online full-time. Zoom has been an important tool for dance and yoga instructors. It’s helped them to stay employed, even during a chaotic year.


For gyms, social distancing has become paramount. More physical distance is required between equipment. In states like Washington, they’re open at less than 25% of capacity as of January 2021. If these businesses are going to make it, they need to make some changes and find new ways to connect with customers. 


At Alliance Leasing, we’re able to help entrepreneurs acquire the equipment they need to make a pivot. For some fitness businesses, that means purchasing tents or gazebos that can be set up in the open air.[4] These provide people with a place to work out that’s both socially distanced and well-ventilated. For other gyms and studios, it may be more about finding a way to take classes virtual. That might require an investment in audiovisual equipment and in new software.


We’re able to finance goods in just about any imaginable category. That includes communications equipment, power tools, security cameras, cleaning equipment and more.[5] We also offer flexible financing options designed to help entrepreneurs with limited cash flow. Our 60/90 day deferred plan is a great example of our commitment to our customers and their success.[5] We love to help people make it in the marketplace, and we’ve been doing that since 1989.