Securing Financing in Challenging Times

Since 2020, many business owners have faced unprecedented hardships. It’s not just the pandemic, either.[1] Extreme weather has also created difficulties for entrepreneurs.[1] In response, some people have decided to leave their dreams behind, at least for now.[2] Others in the business community have persisted, while noting that it’s become more challenging to deal with institutions like lenders.[2] Simply put, the current climate is hampering progress for some businesses. 


Luckily, help is on the way, including from sources like state governments.[1] But sometimes, those programs aren’t the best fit for everyone. Any small business owner needs to understand that there are established alternatives to traditional lenders like banks. At Alliance Leasing, we’ve been in business since 1989. We’ve helped entrepreneurs ride out several economic cycles. We’re known for making it possible for small and regional businesses to get the equipment they need to get the job done.


At Alliance Leasing, we’ve worked with businesses in the security, construction, manufacturing, entertainment and even spa industries.[3] We don’t rely on credit scores like other lenders.[3] We don’t take weeks to make a decision. We have a simple application, and typically, we can let people know if they’re approved within 24 hours.[3] 


Our financing is also structured to benefit the people we work with. For example, we understand that some businesses are cyclical. That’s why we offer flexible repayment options for our clients. These include a 60/90 day deferral payment plan and a seasonal payment plan.[3] Best of all, equipment financing makes it possible for entrepreneurs to save at tax time. As long as you put your new equipment into service during the tax year, you can deduct 100% of the cost up to $1 million.[4]


If you need to pivot, expand or update, contact us today. You may be surprised at the things we’re able to finance. Even business software may be eligible. We take pride in helping businesses succeed. And we’d love to help you, too.