Technology Can’t Replace the Human Touch

Everyone knows how important technology is in today’s business world. Entrepreneurs who succeed know that a website and social media presence are absolutely essential in today’s world. They’re crucial in helping customers find service providers. But technology isn’t just for marketing.

Tech has also revolutionized the way that companies invoice for services provided. It has changed the way that businesses manage their relationships with their customers. Modern CRM systems remind salespeople and service providers to know when they last spoke to a client, and when to follow up with them. Tech makes it harder for people to fall through the cracks than a Rolodex ever did.

Automation is another area where tech is making waves. Automating tasks with tools like robots allows even small companies to be incredibly productive. But robotics also make people nervous. They worry that they’ll eliminate too many jobs. What if they replace us all?

But this is unlikely to happen. Consider the examples above. Many customers still want to speak to or see a person. They want to do research online, and they may want to find a phone number or email to reach a businessperson. It’s not likely that people will pull the trigger on a transaction of significant size without at least a Zoom call. They want to see and speak with another human being. Tools like Zoom bring tech and the human touch together. This kind of hybrid approach will become even more important as time goes on.

Finally, consider that in some cases, industries have rejected existing automation. Roboexotica is a festival, running since 1999, that features robotic bartenders. About 15 years ago, there was a huge push in the hospitality industry to promote robot bartenders. But when was the last time you saw one? The truth is, one of the pleasures of going to a bar is often the bartender. They chat, make recommendations, flirt. People love that human interaction. It’s not really possible to replace it. At least, not at this stage.

The people who run businesses and work for them are ultimately providing an experience for their clients. Every person who’s in business is also in PR, whether they like it or not. One important way to distinguish a company is with its human touch. Being personable, considerate and thoughtful are still great ways to differentiate a business in a crowded marketplace.