How to Scale a Business Successfully

It takes an ambitious person to start a small business. Not everyone has the vision and drive to be their own boss. But sometimes, it can be tough for someone who started a business to take it to the next level.[1] When a company takes off and truly prospers, it’s usually because the founder has developed and followed a plan to scale.[3] There’s long been a stereotype that entrepreneurs don’t make good executives when it comes to guiding a company long-term.[1] But by being intentional and understanding where many entrepreneurs make mistakes, it’s possible to scale up successfully.


Growing a company can require a very different skillset from starting one.[2][3] For example, it’s important for a leader to develop new processes and learn to delegate some day-to-day tasks as a business grows.[2][3] Another key is to work on areas of the business that aren’t directly related to delivering a product or service.[3] This can mean learning to make the best hiring decisions for new departments, adapting to new branding and marketing goals, and so on.[2][3]


Scaling a business takes a lot of time and skill. It also costs money. Some entrepreneurs are on the record as not taking a salary at the beginning.[3] They may spend years pouring everything into their new business.[3] Not everyone can afford to do that. Some start-ups rely on outside investors and funding rounds to get going.[1][2] But for many people, it’s all about using credit wisely. 


At Alliance Leasing, we’ve been helping people grow their businesses and reach their goals for over 30 years. Specifically, we make it possible for entrepreneurs to finance the equipment they need to get the job done.[4] Over the years, we’ve financed just about everything, including conveyors, software, and construction equipment.[4] We also make it possible to avoid some of the hassles associated with traditional bank lending.


For example, our application is short and usually requires just a 24 business hour turnaround.[4] The financing we offer doesn’t affect the borrower’s personal credit.[4] Best of all, we’re able to offer flexible repayment programs, including seasonal and 60/90 day deferred options.[4] With Alliance, small business owners can access the funds they need as they grow. Contact us today. We’d love to talk about how we can help you.