A Goal Is A Dream With a Deadline

Goal setting does not have to be a boring task.  It not only motivates us but can often improve our personal and professional success.   

The truth is that some goals are achieved while others are not and it’s important to understand why.  Don’t put off until tomorrow what you could do today. We tend to value things in the present moment much more than we value things in the future.

A goal is:  

Your vision for the future. Goals should be the result of careful consideration of what may be accomplished.

Time-sensitive. The most effective goals are time-bound. Goals generally have a longer time frame. They can then be broken down into smaller, short-term objectives.

Large in nature. Don’t be afraid to set a goal that seems like a reach. Feel free to think outside the box and dream big. You can set smaller, short-term goals to help you get there.

Setting goals is a process that changes over time but to be effective, you need:

  1. Clarity - setting goals that are clear and specific being realistic and making it within reach.


  1. Commitment- if you don’t commit, it is less likely it will be achieved – Accepting and owning a goal is the key to success.


  1. Feedback – helps you know what you are doing right and allows you to adjust the plan of action.  When a goal is accomplished, it makes us feel good, giving us a sense of satisfaction.  


  1. Task Complexity- sufficient time needs to be provided to work towards and learn what is necessary for success.  Goals must be attainable, but they shouldn’t be too easy.  If too simple, they may cause us distress and the desire to give up. Goals should be challenging enough to motivate us without causing us undue anxiety.  They should include a start and target date.