Save Money With Equipment Financing

It’s not unusual for a small business to need a loan. Most business owners have plenty of equity in their companies. But at times, a business can also need an injection of working capital or MAY require a new asset.

Investing in Your Business Will Improve Its Outlook

Small business owners are serious entrepreneurs. You don’t want to just survive in the marketplace, you’re determined to thrive. You want to expand your reach, find more customers, and insulate yourself from risk as much as possible. In order to achieve that kind of growth, you need to be able to keep investing in your business. Equipment financing is a great way to do that.

A Different Kind of Credit

In today’s fast-paced world, traditional finance loans are still moving very slowly. While that may work for some people, there’s a different kind of credit that’s much more versatile and light on its feet. Equipment financing addresses and surpasses many of the drawbacks that come with a standard business loan.

Equipment Financing Program for Construction Industry

Contractors help keep America running by building and maintaining the structures and roads we use, and they need the right equipment to do that.

Small Business Trends Outlook for 2020 and How You Can Prepare Now

Small businesses are one of the most important engines of the American economy. Over 58 million Americans work for small businesses. That accounts for almost 48% of all employees in any business nationwide.

Crucial Insights for Your Small Business in 2020

Q1 of 2020 is around the corner with new goals and opportunities. Maybe your small business has been operating for several years, or maybe you are just starting out, but despite how long you’ve been in business, preparing for the new year should be in your future outlook.

What You Need to Know About Section 179 of the IRS Code and Your Small Business

With fewer than two months left of 2019, last minute tax-year preparations are underway. What does that mean for you and your small business? Follow these steps to ensure you get the most out of Section 179 of the IRS Code.

When is it the Right Time to Finance Equipment?

Having the necessary equipment is vital when keeping your business operating smoothly. Whether you are replacing, upgrading, or purchasing equipment, it can put a severe dent in your cash flow.

Credit 101 - There Is More Than One Way To Get From A to B

Having “good credit” helps with borrowing, but did you know credit also impacts one’s ability to rent an apartment, land a job, or lease a cell phone, etc.?

Mind Your Credit Score!

Having a good credit score is crucial to the bottom line of every business. Not only does it allow the business to borrow money at a lower interest rate, it also allows it to secure a business credit card, benefit from lower insurance premiums and build relationships to get flexible terms from suppliers. Good credit is the backbone of the leasing industry, so here are some tips on how to build and maintain an ideal credit score.